Morzine Snow Record

Despite a base altitude of just 1000m, Morzine holds its own each and every winter when it comes to snow fall. Here’s how Morzine’s snow record stacks up for the last 10 years.

 Winter 15/16Winter 14/15Winter 13/14Winter 12/13Winter 11/12Winter 10/11Winter 09/10Winter 08/09
424cm371cm 500cm658cm142cm110cm55.5cm282cm
Number of snowy days33 days23 days28 days42 days9 days11 days5 days21 days
Maximum base depth231cm150cm150cm165cm89cm80cm50.5cm129.5cm
Average base depth63.5cm43cm48cm69cm86cm29cm35.5cm61cm
Largest daily snowfall30.5cm61cm61cm45.4cm28cm16cm20cm40.5cm
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